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Reduce your anxiety and get your confident self back in just 6 weeks
The transition through perimenopause, menopause and beyond can feel overwhelming at times. Life can unexpectedly and suddenly feel very challenging, with symptoms of anxiety, worry, poor sleep, fatigue, aches & pains, brain fog, hot flushes and a myriad of other possible physical and emotional symptoms.

I regularly hear women say,"I just don't recognise myself anymore"

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Anxiety-related symptoms can often rear their ugly head even before you've realised that you have entered perimenopause; sometimes even before any physical symptoms show up.

Driving anxiety, social anxiety, loss of confidence and self-esteem, anger, tearfulness, lack of motivation, low mood, loss of libido are all common.
Life can simply just feel very flat.

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Quite often these symptoms can also coincide with the ongoing challenges of family life; women can find themselves sandwiched between caring for their children, supporting teenagers transitioning into adult life and dealing with concerns of ageing parents. All whilst trying to maintain personal relationships and manage work commitments.

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Our experience is individual, but what can unite us is our support for each other.

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Half the population of the world will go through the changes of menopause, that’s for certain, but what isn’t certain is what that will look like for YOU as an individual. It certainly doesn’t mean it has to be a journey of suffering in silence.

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It's a sad fact that many women stoically soldier on, suffering in silence until they run out of steam, often resulting in leaving work, not joining in with social activities and seeing friends less. They can be left feeling unhappy, alone and exhausted.

It doesn't have to be this way, help is available.

Hypnotherapy helps symptoms of menopause
I'm committed to helping women have a better menopause experience.
I know how difficult and exhausting it can feel, when you just want to get some decent sleep, be able to think clearly and be able to function without anxious thoughts and feelings of dread and worry all the time.

That's why I created Menopause in Mind so that I can support other women to find the personalised solutions they need to better navigate the menopause transition more comfortably.

Yes, you CAN learn to take back control of your mind and body, and confidently step into this next phase of your amazing life!
In 6 weeks you can...

  • Gain a better understanding of the key role hormones play in how we think, feel and behave.
  • Learn a bit more about the symptoms of menopause, how they affect us and most importantly how we can make things better.
  • Learn useful tips and strategies to cope with and even eliminate some of the symptoms you may be suffering with.
  • Reduce menopausal anxiety and worry.
  • Explore food, diet and nutrition options for better physical health.
  • Improve sleep patterns.
  • Find personal well-being and lifestyle solutions to everyday issues
  • Shift perspective to focus your energy on feeling good again
  • Feel calmer, more in control and more like yourself again

There have been some good campaigns recently to help raise awareness of menopause and make the offer of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) treatments more accessible.

Although HRT may relieve some symptoms, by helping to balance our hormones, it isn't a magic fix-all and some women simply cannot or do not wish to take HRT.

Many women find their symptoms do improve by taking HRT, but not all. Some find that despite being on HRT they still struggle with anxiety issues and poor sleep.

* * *
Working together through the Menopause in Mind course, we'll take a holistic approach, that reflects your individual health needs, symptoms, circumstances and personal journey through this phase.

Whether you are using HRT treatments or not, in 6 weeks you can learn how to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety so you can start feeling yourself again.

Together we will explore what menopause means to you and how you can better manage and cope with this new, unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming and confusing experience.

* * *
The UK Government report into Menopause and the Workplace, published July 2022, reported that 69% of respondents suffered with menopause-related anxiety or depression. Difficulty sleeping affected 81% with 75% suffering memory or concentration problems.
A 2019 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three in five menopausal women were negatively affected at work and that almost 900,000 women in the U.K. left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms.
A recent study by a research team at the ‘Menopause Experts Group’ found that the highest rates of suicide in women is for those aged 45-54 (the average age of experiencing menopause transition), with 7 deaths per 100,000 females.
A survey conducted by the National Menopause Foundation, found that 64 percent of women said the symptoms they experienced with menopause had interfered with their quality of life. With 60% worried about ageing.
Don't continue to suffer alone.
The Menopause in Mind course offers you the opportunity to work with me and learn from someone who really does understand what you are going through. As a women who myself has found a way to successfully navigate my own menopause journey without using HRT, I can lift you up and support you, as you move forwards in a more positive way into the next phase of your amazing life.

* * *

Menopause in Mind
Menopause in Mind course - here's what it looks like

  • 6 weekly private sessions accessed online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Each session is 60 mins long.
  • Working with me, Zena Hodgson - a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, drawing from my knowledge of Neuroscience, NLP, CBT, Hypnosis and my own experience of the menopause journey.
  • Sessions will include:
    • Empowering insights to help you gain the knowledge and understanding that will enable you to cope better through the menopause transition.
    • Helpful explanations about your perimenopause physiology and symptoms.
    • Exploring mindset and beliefs that can shape our menopausal experience.
    • Identifying ways to reduce anxiety and improve well-being.
    • Support to find real solutions that work for you, so you can overcome any current challenges.
    • An opportunity to discuss your issues with someone who understands what you are going through.
    • 20 - 30 minute guided hypnotherapy relaxations that helps support your positive journey forwards.
  • All sessions are conducted in a confidential and friendly manner.
  • This course offers a solution focused approach, where we work together to enable you to leave each session with a positive step forward, starting from week one!

Extra Bonuses
  • Access to a free additional Hypnotherapy Relaxation Audio that you can download, keep and use at home to further support your positive transformation.
  • Email or Whatsapp support in between sessions if required.
  • Extra check-in session online, one month after completing the course.

Menopause in Mind course
Ready to start reducing your anxiety?
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Menopause in Mind
Six week course to gain the understanding you need to better navigate the journey through menopause so that you can reduce your anxiety and feel more calm and comfortable in your body.

Plus bonuses -
FREE additional Hypnotherapy Relaxation Audio to download and keep
Email, text or Whatsapp support in between sessions
Additional check-in session, one month after completing the course
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